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Regardless of where you are at with your faith, we believe that everyone can take a next step at SMCC.

Although we can't list every next step available, we do want to highlight some steps that we believe are most important for those attending SMCC.

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For some people, your next step might be simply getting connected to one of our staff. This is a great way to talk to someone about some of the questions you may have. 

fully engaged

At SMCC, we do not have membership. Our desire is not to create a "club" or "insider" focused church. In fact, our desire is the opposite. We believe in honoring and serving the guest. That is why we ask people who call SMCC their home to become Fully Engaged. Becoming Fully Engaged involves these five activities:

  • Participating in a Group

  • Serving on a Team

  • Being a Growing Giver

  • Investing in & Inviting Others

  • Baptized



At SMCC, we believe that baptism is an outward expression of an inward change. Although baptism does not actually "save" you, we do believe that baptism is a physical expression of a spiritual reality. 

If you have questions about baptism, and would like to speak to one of our pastors, please fill out this connect form.

If you'd like to fill out our baptism form (expect about 15 minutes) click here.


We believe that community not only happens in rows, but also in circles. People ​often think of church only as happening in rows (being at church on Sundays) but we think it's just as important for people to be involved in circles during the week (through groups). 

Groups are a way for people to engage in community through discussion and personal relationships. Groups allow for people to live life with each other and grow in relationship with God and each other. 

To see a list of what groups we offer at SMCC, click here.



Teams are what make Sundays happen at SMCC. Those who serve on a team allow us to create environments where people can belong before they believe. 

Joining a team is a simple next step that allows you to serve others, form community with people, and be a part of something greater than yourself.

If you're interested in joining a team, or simply have questions, please fill out this form.


Giving is a privilege and delight for those who consider SMCC their home church. Giving is a great next step for those who want to fund the mission of helping as many people as possible become fully devoted and fully delighted followers of Jesus. 

For some, this might simply be a next step of trusting God with their finances. There are options to setup automatic recurring giving online, as well as giving in person at one of our locations.

To learn more about giving, click here.


Parent Child Dedication

At SMCC, we want to help parents and families take their next steps towards Jesus. Although we do not perform child or infant baptisms, we do encourage parents to do a Child Dedication. 

We believe that baptism is decision to publicly declare your allegiance to Jesus. Because children and infants cannot make this declaration at their age, we encourage parents to do a Child Dedication. 

A Child Dedication is a time for parents to declare their intentions of raising their child to know and understand who God is. A Child Dedication is done during a church service so that the congregation can support and pray for the parents making this decision. 

If you'd like to fill out our quick questionnaire for our Child Dedication, click here.


At SMCC, we're all about next steps.  An important next step is to increase one's knowledge of the Bible, of what Christians believe, and of how Christians live. This is why we offer at SMCC U a carefully crafted set of classes designed to help grow followers of Jesus.

For more information, please visit our SMCC U page.

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Ministry Partners

SMCC desires to work with local and global partners to help expand the Kingdom of God in Utah and across the world. Throughout the year, SMCC will host different ministry partner events for people to participate in. Click this link to see our ministry partners and any upcoming events. 

Parent Child Dedication
Fully Engaged
Ministry Partners


SMCC Pastors are happy to perform ceremonies that honor the Biblical covenant of marriage. A few preliminary stipulations regarding this; For Christians marrying Christians (defined as people who have given their allegiance to the Biblical Jesus and intend to follow him for the rest of their lives); sexual intimacy is designed for the marriage covenant, so any current activity in this regard would be suspended until the wedding day. A Pastor is happy to provide more clarity on this issue.

For registration and more information, please follow this link: SMCC Weddings.

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