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SMCC U classes are regularly offered at one or more of our campuses: Draper, Lehi, South Jordan, and St. George.  No matter which campus you normally attend, you are welcome at any class at any campus.


At SMCC, we're all about being equipped in our Head, Heart, and Hands to follow Jesus well. This is why we offer SMCC U, a carefully crafted set of classes designed to help you be equipped in your biblical and theological understanding, in the category of Head. 


Our course calendar runs Spring, Summer, and Fall.


Our Spring 2024 classes begin the week of January 22nd and run for 8-9 weeks.


Registration for classes typically opens up about one month before the classes start.


See below for more info on each class.


Core Classes consist of four basic classes covering an introduction to the Bible, how to read and understand the Bible, basic Christian beliefs, and practical ways in which Christians follow Jesus.  It is our desire that all who attend SMCC would take these four courses.

Bible Classes are designed to equip you to better read and understand the Bible.  They cover both Old and New Testament.

Christian Belief Classes cover a number of important Christian doctrinal areas like salvation, the Trinity, and Jesus himself.  In addition, they include a course for those having very fundamental questions about God, and also our "Turning Point" class for those coming from an LDS background.

Christian Living Classes will help you explore just what it means to live a Christian life.  From setting boundaries to sharing your faith to leading others, this set of classes cover a wide range of Christian living.

Core Classes


For 2000 years there have been core beliefs that Christians have held. This course will cover and explain those beliefs, what people who follow Jesus have always believed. The Nicene Creed will be used as a roadmap for the topics discussed.


Click for more information: LEHI

The Story of the Bible.png

Explore how we got the Bible, the story it tells, and why it matters.  


Click for more information: SOUTH JORDAN

Following Jesus Main Slide-1.png

Grow in your understanding of who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him while learning practical spiritual habits that can help transform your life from the inside out.


Click for more information: TBD

Making Sense of the Bible.png

Take a fresh look at the Bible as you learn how to study and understand it on your own.


Click for more information: SOUTH JORDAN

Core Classes

Bible Classes

New Testament Survey.png

Christianity is all about Jesus Christ, and the New Testament tells us who he is, how the early church was started, and how it continues to inform our faith today. 


Next offered: TBD.  

New Testament Letters Main Slide.png

Examine the New Testament letters as they encouraged believers' faith and participation in the body of Christ, the church.


More information: TBD

The Gospels slide.png

What is A gospel?  And what is THE gospel… THE "good news”?  What do we learn about Jesus? In this class we’ll address those questions, and more!

Click for more information: DRAPER

Writings of Good & Evil.png

What makes something bad? Or what makes someone good? Does God love the good things or are they good because he loves them?The third section of the Old Testament tells us what is wicked and righteous in God’s eyes. 

Click for more information: DRAPER


Understanding Biblical Prophecy.png

Examine the prophetic books of the Old and New Testaments to better understand the origin and application for our lives today.  


More information: TBD

The First Five Presentation.png

A fun journey through the first five books of the Bible where we're introduced to God, creation, the human race, sin, and how much God cares about people.

Click for more information: TBD

The Gospels
Old Testament
New Testament

Christian Belief Classes

Turning Point updated.png

Explore the differences between Biblical Christianity and the LDS faith.


Click for more information: LEHI, ST. GEORGE

Explain Your Faith Slide.png

Why do you believe what you believe? What evidence convinced you that you need a savior? What evidence convinced you that Jesus is that savior? If you want solid answers to these questions to help you share with others, this class is for you.


Click for more information: DRAPER

Christian Belief Classes

Christian Living Classes

Boundaries Updated.png

This Gospel-inspired study helps individuals learn to establish healthy boundaries for themselves and with others. 



Click for more information: TBD

Boundaries with Kids.png

This Gospel-inspired study helps parents learn how to establish healthy boundaries by learning when to say “Yes” and how to say “No."

Click for more information: DRAPER


Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 10.54.16 AM.png

In Financial Peace University, you’ll learn the proven plan to help you keep a budget, beat debt, and build wealth! 

Click for more information: TBD

Christian Living Classes
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