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In an effort to help as many people as possible become fully devoted and fully delighted followers of Jesus Christ, we want to provide resources that help people take their next step in that process.



As a church, we strive every week to have helpful and hopeful messages that clearly communicate the Gospel. If you've missed a previous message, or simply want to catch up on one of our sermon series, click the link below to access our message library.

Life Change Stories

Life change stories

We understand that asking questions about God and faith can be difficult. Personal stories of life change can often provide a clear explanation of the Gospel in a short video. If you're exploring your faith, we think these stories can help provide more clarity. 

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The Fully Delighted Podcast


At SMCC we want to provide helpful and hopeful content wherever you consume media. Our podcasts provide regular content to you in your favorite podcast app. Click here to discover our audio content. 

Family Resources

Family Resources

At SMCC, we understand the importance of having hopeful and helpful content -- especially for families and parents. On this page, you will find content specifically geared towards family from a Gospel perspective. 

Positional Papers

Position papers

At SMCC, we think theology should be truthful, helpful, and clear. With that in mind, we have several positional papers that help people to understand our position pertaining to several different topics. If you want a deep dive into different theological topics, we've collected several that we think are helpful. 

Right Now Meda

Right Now Media

As a church, we want to provide hopeful and helpful content not only on Sunday mornings, but also throughout the week. SMCC has partnered with Right Now Media to provide thousands of video based Bible studies for free to those that attend SMCC. We hope this gift encourages and grows you. 

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