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Lead pastor succession

In February 2020, Pastor Paul Robie (our Lead Pastor and Founding Pastor of SMCC) notified the SMCC Elder Board he would like to begin planning for his retirement and  a Lead Pastor succession at SMCC.  After an extensive RFP (Request for Proposal) process, the Elder Board hired Vanderbloemen to assist us in designing and executing a Lead Pastor Succession Plan.  Vanderbloemen was founded by noted author, speaker, former Senior Pastor, and Executive Recruiter, William Vanderbloemen.   A SMCC Succession Planning Committee consisting of current and former Elders began working with our Vanderbloemen senior consultant, Jay Mitchell, in July 2020.  You can learn more about Vanderbloemen here:

Below you will find updates regarding Pastor Paul’s pending retirement and the status of the Lead Pastor succession process.  For more information or questions please contact your SMCC Campus Pastor or any of the following SMCC Elders serving on the Succession Planning Committee:


Rick Merrell (Draper, Committee Chairman)

Blake Mitchell (St. George)

Tony Wahls (St. George)

Andy Naud (South Jordan)

Bob Kupfer (South Jordan)

Pete Kowalewski (South Jordan)

Bob Mouritsen (Lehi)

Update #1

On Sunday, July 4th, 2021 Pastor Paul Robie announced his retirement to the SMCC family.

update #2

In July 2021 the Succession Planning Committee worked with Vanderbloemen to develop a survey to solicit input from our engaged attenders regarding the future vision of SMCC and the qualities needed in our next Lead Pastor.  In August 2021, 205 SMCC attenders responded to the survey.  You can view the results here:

update #3

After a careful review of the congregational survey and with the assistance of our Vanderbloemen executive search consultant, the Succession Planning Committee developed a Lead Pastor Search Profile.  This document serves as a baseline to evaluate candidates for the Lead Pastor role at SMCC.  On September 6th, 2021 this document was accepted by the SMCC Elder Board and approved for circulation to the SMCC staff.  Any qualified staff member who indicates interest in pursuing the role will be evaluated.

update #4

On October 23rd, the Elder Board gave an update on the succession process via email to the congregation. 

update #5

On November 14th, the Elder Board made the public announcement that Eric Nelson was unanimously nominated by the Board for the Lead Pastor position. The Elders also gave details on how/when the Fully Engaged attender at SMCC can vote for or against the nomination.

Town Hall Meetings

At each of our campuses, there will be an in-person Town Hall meeting with Pastor Paul, Pastor Eric, and the Campus Elder. In addition to these in-person Town Hall meetings, there was a virtual Town Hall on December 12th at 6pm. If you'd like to watch the virtual Town Hall, you can watch in the video box below.

Town Hall Meetings.png

update #6

On December 23rd, SMCC sent an email to its congregants notifying them of the results of the vote.

update #7

On June 26th, SMCC hosted an Installation Service celebrating the founding and tenure of Paul Robie, and the celebration of Eric Nelson taking the reigns of organization going forward. 

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