Plan your visit

We understand that for some families visiting a new church can be stressful or worrisome. Our desire is to create a welcoming and engaging environment for you and your family. By planning your visit, you can know what to expect, and allow us and our staff to serve you as best as possible. Scroll down to learn more about visiting SMCC at one of our locations.


What to expect

At SMCC, you can always expect to find a welcoming environment where people trust the process in which God changes people from the inside out. At the front doors, you can expect someone from our Guest Services  team to greet you with a smile and help you find your way around. In our SMCC Kids environment, you can expect an engaging, fun, and exciting environment where children are taught the truth of the Bible in an age appropriate environment. In the auditorium, you can expect to find uplifting and encouraging music from our band, and a hopeful and helpful message from one of our pastors. Ultimately, if you'd like to know more about SMCC and what you can expect, we encourage you to fill out our connection form below. One of our staff will reach out and help answer any questions you may have. 

Be Our guest

We're so thankful that you would trust us with your family's time on Sunday. We'd be honored if you would allow us to be ready and prepared for your family's visit. By filling out the form below, you allow our SMCC Kids team to be ready for your family and have all the important details documented (including allergies or health concerns).